Put a face to the Technokolla team from each of our three Auckland branches. With our vast experience, varied backgrounds and vibrant personalities, you can trust you are in good hands when you order from Technokolla NZ.

DAVE B.gif
Dave Boyes
13 years

“I bought the business as a going concern after selling tiles for 13 years in New Zealand and cutting gemstones and making jewellery in London for 10 years.

“Visualising how different materials come together and how they can be used comes naturally to me and I have the patience to bring ideas to life; one of my favourite pieces - a table cut from the semi-precious stone Lapis lazuli - took a solid 12 months to produce.

“I'm not sure if creativity is inherited but my mum was a seamstress and a painter! 

“Purchasing Technokolla NZ was a bold move, and a massive financial and personal investment, but I've always had a cautious approach and therefore grew it slowly. This success is shared with influential people who I’ve worked with directly and indirectly along the way.

”My favourite part about owning the business - I have a few actually - is helping out and guiding newcomers to the tiling industry, as well as developing relationships with tilers who came to me as customers and who have become friends.

“I enjoy having the flexibility to work on my own projects and to be able to jump on a plane to Spain as soon as we can!”

Dave (DJ)
Logistics Manager and Stock Co-Ordinator
5 years
12 years

“Before taking up my position at Technokolla, I worked as a signwriter for 17 years.

“I’m responsible for all the imported goods from our suppliers in Italy, the USA and China, as well as local and regional suppliers.

“Travelling to Italy was a memorable experience. It developed my relationship with Technokolla Italy, grew my understanding and appreciation for the brand, but, most importantly, I experienced the Italians’ passion for natural stone and the tiling industry; with their long history with working in natural stones, you know they understand tiles and therefore make products that so many tiling experts trust! 

“I’ve recently built a house which was a massive milestone for my family and, being a true Kiwi, over the weekend I’ll either be at the beach, working on a DIY project or under the bonnet of my car!”

“I relocated to New Zealand from Russia in 2002, where I gained a Bachelor of Accountancy. I'm also close to completing my Bachelor of Accountancy from Massey University.

“Previous to my time at Technokolla NZ, I had extensive experience in the construction industry, including at electric power stations and at companies involved in designing and manufacturing plastic packaging and distribution of anchors.

“My passion for finance and accounting drives me to be highly motivated and therefore a fast learner. I thoroughly enjoy working with numbers and making everything organised. I’ve brought all of my skills, qualities, values, interest, academic knowledge and life experience to the company. 

“Working as a team is a core value for me.

“In my spare time, I love spending time with my family, friends, cooking, travelling and enjoying being outside on a sunny day.”

Branch Manager, Henderson
7 years
Branch Manager, Ellerslie
6 years

“In my early days, I started in plumbing but moved over to the tiling business and was drawn to it by the relationships I could build with tilers.

“I started out in retail at a Kiwi-owned tiling company in trade and retail sales and that was where I first met Dave [owner].

"I got to know the tilers and the process over the years and ran warehouses and shops across Auckland.

“My focus has always been on building relationships with the city’s tilers and especially when we opened up this branch being able to bring that trust they had with me over to Technokolla NZ. It’s that which has helped Henderson grow at a steady pace.

“My family is originally from Italy and Malta and moved to Sydney first, and then we came to Auckland just after I was born. 

“I’ve been married 34 years and we’ve got two girls; I enjoy fishing and sometimes take some of our customers on a charter, which is always fun.

“We have a small farm and I spend a lot of time working on that, chasing sheep!”

"Working at Technokolla is the first job I have wanted to get up in the morning and go to, which is such a good feeling.

"I was fortunate to work closely with Dave Boyes [director] for many years and started from the ground up.

“The tiling process has so many layers so you need to have an understanding of how it all works. Being a visual learner, and as part of our ongoing training at Technokolla, shadowing tilers is a great way to learn the process and see our products in action. Through that, I have seen it all from start to finish, so I learnt how to waterproof properly, how to grout and the ratios for mixing and substrate preparation.

"My family moved to New Zealand from Pampanga in the Philippines when I was 10. I still speak Tagalog and our local dialect Kapampangan, which I can speak with Regie. We play a lot of basketball together, which I need to do to make sure I don't get cobwebs in my joints!!"

Warehouse Manager
4 years
Sales Representative
9 months

“I came to New Zealand when I was eight, with my family, from Tarlac in the Philippines and we’ve always lived in the North Shore.

“I majored in contemporary arts but found it difficult to find a job as a professional dancer. The tiling industry may seem an unusual next step, but I decided to make the most of the opportunity.

“I really enjoy working closely with the tilers and as you get to know them, you understand where they are in their project so will know what products they will need on their next visit. 

“I think this shows our down-to-earth approach to how we support our customers.

“We have a great team and I feel very comfortable, we are all friends. I’ve also become a much-needed, but unofficial, PA to Dave [director]!

“I’m often at the gym before and after work and recently qualified as a personal trainer so I’ll whip the team into shape!”

“I grew up on a farm in Dairy Flat, Auckland – not a full running farm but we had cows, chickens and sheep!

“The opportunity to start my journey into tiling literally knocked on my door after I finished college when a family friend offered me a job at Tile Space as a Tile Consultant.

“It was, however, time to learn to lay tiles after 4 years talking about them. I became a BCITO qualified tiler while working with an Auckland-owned tiling business.

“I loved working with my hands, taking something in desperate need of expertise and creativity and creating something beautiful to wow the customer! 

“My knowledge base gives me a lot of confidence and, as a Technokolla-approved waterproof applicator and a facilitator of our waterproofing workshops, I am further able to talk about the challenges and technical issues facing tilers on a day-to-day basis. From building codes to Auckland council standards, to solving problems and seeing the greater picture, tilers appreciate and trust my advice.

“On the weekend, I love to fish and cook what I catch, having BBQs with friends and just enjoying life!”

Sales Representative
4 years
Customer Support and Warehouse Distribution
3 years

“I was born in central China and moved to New Zealand ten years ago.

My family and I live in Auckland.

“I came to New Zealand because it is a peaceful and beautiful country.

“I speak Mandarin Chinese, so I can communicate with any Chinese-speaking tile workers who come to Technokolla who have Mandarin as their first language. This has helped more customers feel comfortable about what they are buying.

“For the products we sell, I always need to first translate all the information on each product into Chinese for the customers so they can better understand the products we sell.

“I like hiking and reading about philosophy, Buddhism and Taoism.






"I was born in Hawke's Bay and came to Auckland when I was seven years old. I worked a lot of jobs in my time, starting with dairy farming until I ran my businesses in Taupo and Auckland as a panel beater and painter.

"I've recently completed the Waterproofing Course we offer to tilers to boost my knowledge of the tiling trade.

"I'm an early riser, so you can normally find me in the warehouse first. If your order is big enough, I'll be the one delivering it to the job site!